Clinical Pilates Part 4 – Measuring your progress

Progressing and Reassessing

When doing a Pilates class one of the most important things is to ensure that you are working at the right level that is right for you and even though we wish it was perfect every time- sadly this doesn’t always happen.

At Aim Physiotherapy we plan and customise your program and get it right 99.9% of the time because we reassess and progress your plan where necessary. While these words may sound boring and unimportant they are the back bone to your recovery.

Progressing you can be as simple as increasing the weights or the colour of your springs and Theraband or even teaching you new exercises that involve more concentration or more muscle than the ones before.

This progression is an exciting time because you are watching yourself get stronger and fitter. The change from yellow to blue of your springs can be like stepping on the scales or finding more room in your jeans than before- they are all ways of watching you improve.

However sometimes we need to re-assess you in order to progress you. Any of our fantastic physiotherapists or exercise physiologists can re-asses you in the clinic. The activities we will re-asses are all based on the problem you came in with and the aims you wish to achieve. We may check your weight, or your strength or your function or your balance. And just as we see your strength improve by increasing your spring colour, your physiotherapist will show you how your re-assessment measures have improved. Imagine your balance on one leg was 15 seconds and now its 32 seconds or you could lift 6kgs and now you can lift 20kgs!!!

Sometimes we don’t see the results we expect. It doesn’t happen often but when it does this means we can change your exercises, trial another form of treatment or even contact your doctor to discuss your other options.

So if you are as interested as seeing results as I am, contact Aim Physiotherapy on 83311557 and let us help you REASSESS and PROGRESS towards your goals.

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Written by: Kelsey Lamont

B Physiotherapy

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