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Create your tomorrow!

Our expert Pilates instructors will take you to the next level.

  • Toorak Gardens or Oakden Studios
  • Small Group Classes
  • Individual Sessions
  • Tandem Sessions
  • Tailored Programs
  • Reformer Classes
  • Studio Classes
  • Trapeze, Barrel, Chair

”…. it develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality,
invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit” – Joseph Pilates


Eastside Pilates and Fitness Studio

Pilates Experts in Fitness & Rehabilitation

We are celebrating by offering 5 classes for $50!

Includes your Initial Assessment (expires 2nd October 2018)

chronic disease management

Clinical Pilates

Aim Physiotherapy rehabilitation
Tailored Pilates programs in Adelaide
Health Insurance Rebates apply
GP referral + self referral
Individual Exercise/ Personal Training
Group Pilates exercise sessions
chronic disease management

Fitness Pilates

General Admission Adelaide Pilates
Mat Pilates + equipment Pilates
Beginner + Advanced Pilates in Adelaide
Individual Pilates/ Personal Training
Tandem sessions + Private classes
Small Group Pilates classes
chronic disease management

The Pilates Method

What is Pilates?
History of Pilates – Joseph Pilates
Pilates Apparatus in Adelaide Studio
Mat vs Equipment Pilates
Pilates principles + Core Strength
Who can benefit from Pilates?
chronic disease management

Pilates Class Types

Clinical Pilates (Physio instructors)

Equipment + Mat Pilates

Fitness Pilates (Pilates instructors)

Reformer Pilates
Studio Pilates
Cardio Pilates
Pre + Post Natal Pilates
Stretch Pilates
Mat Pilates
chronic disease management

Our Pilates Facilities + Classes

Special Offers

Our Adelaide Pilates Studio Locations

Toorak Gardens Studio + Timetable
Oakden Studio + Timetable
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Book class on-line
Which class is right for me?
Ask us a question
chronic disease management

Working Together

Our Pilates Team in Adelaide
Our point of difference
Intake Assessment
Pre-exercise Screen
Your goals
Outcomes focus
Our Pilates affiliations in Adelaide