Working Together

Working Together 2018-07-25T13:33:23+00:00

One of the unique benefits of doing Pilates with us is the multi disciplinary team we have working with us.


Not sure if you are quite ready for a Health and Fitness class just yet? Then the pathway for you is through clinical Pilates under the supervision of our expert Physiotherapy team. Clinical Pilates classes are not only for people recovering from an injury or illness. These classes are the perfect environment to learn about the equipment used and the how to exercise safely on them while working at a pace you and your Physiotherapist have decided is appropriate for you. When you are ready, then you can join a Health and Fitness class with our wonderful Pilates Instructors.


Do you want to improve your cardio fitness but are afraid you are not quite strong enough? Then some time with our Accredited Exercise Physiology team may be the best place for you to begin. Exercise Physiology isn’t just for people with chronic health conditions. People looking to introduce more exercise into their daily lives safely are also able to access the services of an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and you do not need a doctors referral to do so.


Feeling the effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)? Best to book a massage with our Remedial Massage team I think. You have probably earned yourself an hour on the table but half hour appointments are also readily available. Massage has many benefits as it is a perfect balance for a stressful life and a fantastic complement to maximise sporting performance. It can improve circulation, relax muscles, aid digestion, and speed up the elimination of waste from the body.


Our team is always focused on working with their colleagues in ways that provide the best possible outcomes for you.