If you love Pilates you will want to take care of your heart health as well as your muscular health. Using the jump board adds a cardio component to your Pilates class. The jump board is a padded plate that replaces the foot bar on the reformer and provides an excellent low impact method to increase heart rate. Perfect for when you have an injury and are not yet ready to return to your usual cardio exercise or when you just want to mix things up a little.

Using the jump board will give your core an epic workout as it works to keep your legs and upper body elevated through the jumping motions. Without the influence of gravity there is a time delay as the carriage slides along the reformer, requiring you to maintain your posture for longer than usual. Dig deep, you are going to need your strength and focus by the end of this class.

A jump board workout uses the principles of Plyometrics, originally developed for athletes in the Soviet Union in the 1970s. Using the jump board, Plyometrics builds speed and power through activation of the fast twitch muscle fibres in the quadriceps. So, athletes like basketball players or volleyball players greatly benefit from this exercise.

You can make the workout more difficult through the use of the springs. For example you can simulate running up a hill by changing the springs to two red springs or more. Or, use a single blue spring to simulate running on the moon, which requires a huge amount of pelvic stability that will challenge anyone. Brilliant for those runners who are looking for some variety in their training. And it will not be 40 degrees with a horrid and hot north wind in our studio, so there goes that excuse for not training! 

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