Injury Prevention

Resistance Training and Musculoskeletal Health


For decades strengthening or resistance training was associated with the fitness industry more than to medicine and general health. Perhaps the stereotypes of “the perfect body” from the professional athletes’ or bodybuilding’s world ended up putting a big part [...]

Resistance Training and Musculoskeletal Health2019-09-12T13:50:43+09:30

Working the Glutes


The Gluteal Muscles: Gluteus Maximus - this muscle assists with hip extension, external rotation and is the muscle responsible for allowing you to lower yourself gracefully into your chair rather than plonking down like a sack of potatoes. Maximus [...]

Working the Glutes2017-09-19T14:25:26+09:30

What is Exercise Physiology?


Exercise Physiologist Tim Manning explains a little about what he does. An Exercise Physiologist can help you manage a wide variety of chronic health conditions as well as help you achieve your fitness goals. Quality of living is important [...]

What is Exercise Physiology?2017-08-21T16:13:02+09:30

Common Occupational Health Issues and Their Prevention Strategies


Most people are aware of the occupational health and safety concerns that underpin their working environment. To combat these, workplaces have implemented preventative and hazard minimisation strategies in their mindsets and work practices. Unfortunately, there are some factors that [...]

Common Occupational Health Issues and Their Prevention Strategies2017-06-13T02:09:13+09:30
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