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Achilles Tendons and Pilates – How Pilates helped Andy.


Why is my Physio telling me I need Pilates? A lot of clients ask us why we are taking them through Pilates exercises.  There is strong evidence that supports the benefits of stretching, exercise AND Pilates. Stretching and exercise [...]

Achilles Tendons and Pilates – How Pilates helped Andy.2018-02-27T11:54:47+10:30

Working the Glutes


The Gluteal Muscles: Gluteus Maximus - this muscle assists with hip extension, external rotation and is the muscle responsible for allowing you to lower yourself gracefully into your chair rather than plonking down like a sack of potatoes. Maximus [...]

Working the Glutes2017-09-19T14:25:26+09:30
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