Training abs can get boring at times with many people falling into the rut of only doing crunches, bridges and side bridges. When you are only doing these exercises your core muscles (read more on core strength here) are only being challenged statically and not dynamically.

In day-to-day activities static stability is very important, with lots of jobs being stationed behind a desk or requiring sustained postures. However, it is of equal value maintaining control of our body when we move, whether that be for sport, dancing or those leisurely weekend hikes.

In today’s video, Elisa is showing a great exercise that will challenge your dynamic core stability. As well as bring some much needed excitement back to your ab workouts.

The Pike with the added difficulty of being on top of an unstable surface (fit ball) requires your core muscles to be engaged whilst moving the ball back and forth. This exercise not only works your abdominals but your ability to maintain shoulder stability. While propping yourself up with your hands, stabilisation of your shoulder blades is required to stop yourself from falling flat on your face! Key muscles being used to keep yourself up are pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, serratus anterior and triceps. All these muscles being important in pushing activities. With the simple addition of a fit ball the humble Pike can be transformed into a great dynamic core and upper body workout.

This is only one example of dynamic core stabilising exercises but if we are only training static core stability (e.g. bridges, side bridges) we are missing half of the picture. Spice up your core routine and try out some dynamic core stability exercises, like The Pike!

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Written by:

Daniel Yap