We use various equipment in both our Health and Fitness and Clinical Pilates classes. I will discuss the top 4 apparatus below so not only do know what you are looking at but you also believe that it isn’t a medieval torture machine!

Reformer Pilates

The Reformer looks like a sliding bed with shoulder pads. How the reformer works: it has a series of springs ranging from light to heavy that can be used to pull or push against. This creates resistance or sometimes a-lack-of which helps us target particular muscles. The reformer also comes with straps that you can pull with your hands, feet and even your knees. The reformer can be used to perform over 100 exercises! This means no matter what you want to strengthen, tone or tighten-the reformer is the apparatus for you!

Studio Pilates

The Ladder Barrel is what is sounds like- a ladder connect to a round barrel. Due to the curves of the barrel it provides a perfect structure for stretches and trunk strengthening exercises. After a marvelous Pilates class using the barrel and your abs are burning-the best thing to do is exhaustedly flop over the barrel and stretch out your back.

The Trapeze Table can often be seen as a frightening bench of doom but once you get to know it- it will be your best friend. The trapeze table- and don’t let the word trapeze scare you off – is a simple bench with a metal frame attached above. That’s it! Nothing scary about that. It’s the attachments that causes sweaty palms. The Trapeze table has various springs which can be attached all over. It also has metal and wooden bars we can use as hand holds and yes you guessed it- as a trapeze. Because of all these springs and attachments, the trapeze table can be used for all ages and fitness types. You could stretch your hamstrings, perform an assisted sit up or hang suspended from the frame and do a plank- the options are endless. Our trained physiotherapists and Pilates instructors will assure your exercise is targeted at the right level for you- so no suspension until you’re ready!

wunda chair pilates

The Wunda Chair is a “wunderous” piece of apparatus that doesn’t look very like a chair but more a wooden box with paddles and hand holds. But don’t let this apparatus fool you, the Wunda chair can be used to strengthen your abdominal muscles, ankles, knees, glutes and shoulders. By simply changing your position, you could use it for step-ups, push ups or even tummy crunches. Don’t let one out our pilates instructors catch you using it as a chair!

We have various other equipment like treadmills, bikes and rowers to get your heart rate up, and hand weights, pulley machines, fitballs and theraband to give you some variety and make sure you are never bored!

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