Have you been enjoying your Mat Pilates class? There is a lot to remember and your Physiotherapist has suggested practicing your exercises at home.

Kelsey has put together this video for you to follow along with at home. Phew, that is going to make your home practice MUCH easier.

The  Assisted Roll Up builds the strength, spinal movement and body awareness that you will need to successfully progress to the Roll-up.

The movement starts by rolling the spine forward into a chest lift, then continuing to articulate until you’re in an upright position. The use of the arms holding the legs creates the connection between the latissimus dorsi and anterior serratus muscles which will facilitate the engagement into the abdominals. Use your lateral breathing skills to then engage through the abdominals on the exhale to facilitate the spinal articulation and maintain controlled movement throughout the exercise

Begin the roll down with your lumbar spine rolling into flexion and continuing through the rest of the spine until lying flat. Again using your lateral breathing skills to maintain controlled movement for the full movement. Don’t be tempted to use momentum to get you through this exercise, rather use your core strength. If you find your feet and legs wanting to ‘fly off’ the mat, keep your attention focused on the action of your transverse abdominals – this will take the attention off your hip flexors who are usually recruited when you do a forward bend action.

Be mindful to not allow the shoulders to lift during the movement, and go nice and slow and remember to avoid using momentum instead of muscle control. The Assisted Roll-up is a great way to learn how to articulate your spine into flexion. REMEMBER -the roll up is one continuous, controlled and flowing motion, try to synchronize with the breath as you become more comfortable performing this exercise.



Watch the video and follow along with Kelsey’s instructions to get the most out of your home practice.