mat pilates, pilates adelaide, physiotherapy adelaideHave you been enjoying your Mat Pilates class? There is a lot to remember and your Physiotherapist has suggested practicing your exercises at home.

Kelsey has put together this video for you to follow along with at home. Phew, that is going to make your home practice MUCH easier.

The Standing Roll Down is used as both a Pilates warm-up exercise that helps to relieve back tension AND as a cool-down, restoring balance to the body. The rolling motion strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps improve blood circulation throughout the body. It also stretches and increases mobility and articulation in the back, spine and neck. Due to our often sedentary lifestyle our poor hamstrings can be tight and they receive a great stretch during this exercise. In addition to releasing tension and stress, the Standing Roll Down also creates space between the vertebrae and improves posture.

If your back or hamstrings are stiff or sore, you may be tempted to skip over the tight parts by rolling down quickly. But you’ll actually gain a greater benefit from the exercise if you move slowly. Rolling down as slowly as possible, allowing your abdominal muscles to assist with controlling your movement, will allow your muscles to stretch evenly and over time you will work through those tight spots more efficiently.

The Standing Roll Down is a great move to practice any time during the day. It can feel particularly good when times are stressful to simply roll forward and let the weight of your arms and head relieve tension and stress, letting it all drop away from your body. Remember to take it slowly. Let your movements be fluid and controlled.

Where in your day can you fit this in? Intention helps create habit.

Watch the video and follow along with Kelsey’s instructions to get the most out of your home practice.