mat pilates, pilates, clinical pilatesMat Pilates can be seen as a scary or boring activity mainly because not only do we have to get on the floor but somewhere towards the end we need to get up. Instead of using reformers and trapeze tables which are seen as fun and interactive, for Mat Pilates our equipment appears limited. During Mat Pilates, we can work with a range of equipment such as therabands, chi balls, fit balls and mostly importantly our bodies.

Weird huh, to think of our bodies as equipment but yes whether we are holding on to our legs, supporting our heads or using our arms for balance-our bodies can be used as tools. Do you remember a time where you went for a long run where you were exhausted at the end of it…you hunched over and propped your hands on your knees- that is an example of using your body as a support!

Mat Pilates is not only spent on the floor laying on your back feeling your tension ease as you focus on your breathing- it also includes standing exercises, kneeling exercises, sitting exercises, laying on your tummy, laying on your side- there is an exercise for everyone! And the best part is it is so simple to make an exercise easier or harder so even though everyone is doing a glute bridge we are all working at our own individual capacity.

Mat Pilates, Studio Pilates, Reformer Pilates… the concepts and principles are the same. Our instructors will teach you about focussing on your breath, articulating your spine, elongating your body and activating your core and no-I don’t mean your 6 pack!

While they may have sounded like made up words in truth these concepts will help you leave feeling taller, more flexible, more stable and breathing easier. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Don’t we all want to move a little better? Our instructors will slowly introduce these concepts so you’re not back in school being bombarded with so many new words…there is no quiz at the end! But day by day, class by class, week by week, you will learn tips and techniques to help you in your day to day life.

Our Mat Classes go for an hour but will incorporate different relaxation techniques and stretching- so it will fly past. Our classes will also not be fast paced! Pilates focusses on slow, controlled exercises and whole body movement- but don’t think that means it won’t be challenging or you won’t have fun.

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Written by: Kelsey Lamont

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