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About Eastside Pilates and Fitness Studio REFORMER Pilates Classes
This class is specifically designed for those of you who want to workout on a reformer machine for the entire class. Options for reformer classes at Eastside Pilates and Fitness Studio include:

  • a personalised individual reformer workout where you work on your own individualised program set by the instructor, or
  • a double reformer class where you workout with a friend, on your own individualised program set by the instructor
  • a group workout (max of 4 people) where you are given the same workout as others in the class

This machine workout will increase your heart rate, make you sweat and will burn fat. In this class you will be encouraged to work hard without resting in-between exercises, which will increase your cardiovascular fitness. These classes are suitable for all people from beginners to athletes, with tailoring of resistance and exercise components undertaken to accommodate all abilities and fitness levels.
With only 4 students in each class, personalised attention is ensured. If you choose to be given the same workout as others in the class, it will be a non-stop workout! Keeping at the same pace as other students is what will encourage & push you to work hard without resting in-between exercises.
Our REFORMER Pilates classes offer a hard-core workout that will help reshape your entire body and help to significantly improve your fitness. This high-energy, low impact workout contains exercises to specifically to target the core, arms, legs, thighs, back & butt. Stretches are also performed at the beginning & end of each workout to improve your flexibility.
Reformer Pilates exercise will help you to create a body that is strong, balanced, stable, realigned, and efficient for movement and activity. It will lengthen the muscles in your body without the increased bulk that can result from some other exercise approaches.

Who is suitable for Reformer Classes at Eastside Pilates and Fitness Studio

These classes are suitable for anyone, because you have the choice receiving an individualised workout from your instructor to suit your individual needs. If you are a beginner to Pilates, you will need to complete a one-on-one assessment first.

Choosing a Class Suited for You

Pilates Classes at our reformer studio are suitable for all ages & abilities.

What to Bring

Socks are to be worn during your workout. Socks with sticky rubber on the bottom can be purchased from our studio. Sweat towels are supplied at our studio. Please wear something that you can comfortably stretch in.

12hr Cancellation Policy

12hr late cancellation fee applies for all bookings made. Please give 12hrs notice to cancel bookings; otherwise your session fee will be forfeited.

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