Our ‘Health Age Assessment’ is a comprehensive pre-exercise screening process that provides an accurate ’health snapshot’ that allows computation of your health age and performance age for comparison with your true biological age. We use a unique evidence-based, industry leading computerised ‘health screening tool’ developed by a leading team of Australian exercise physiology and health promotion experts, to complete these assessments.

Our ‘Health Age Assessment’ was created to help educate clients about the impact of their medical history, level of physical activity, health risk factors and physical abilities on their health outcomes, longevity and quality of life. It makes health information meaningful and relevant for you by providing a simple and actionable health profile that allows you to identify and address any health risks or areas for improvement. The information provided can be helpful for making decisions about an individual’s readiness to begin an exercise program or for making recommendations about changes to lifestyle or behaviour to improve your health and fitness. It also allows us to identify health risk factors, conduct physical performance tests and provide counselling for individuals across 13 major risk factors for cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory illnesses and a range of fitness tests. Percentile rankings are provided to enable easy comparison of individual results for discrete variables (e.g. aerobic fitness, strength,) and overall health and performance ratings, using a large Australian database.

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In the latest season of How to Stay Young, researchers assess volunteers’ performance on 23 different tests and combine this into an overall body age. Individual test results are explained to each person, but the volunteers have little reaction to these numbers until they are converted into a body age.
Richard, an obese and inactive 49-year-old man, is reduced to tears when he sees his score: a body age of 92, more than 40 years older than his actual age. By the end of the program, he has lowered his body age by 13 years, to 79. Each episode has a similar example.

What is your REAL biological age article.

  • Provides a better understanding of YOUR health risks.
  • Compares your results against 100,000+ Australian adults – Percentile rankings allow easy comparison
  • Allows performance of unlimited simulations and ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Monitors the impact of changes to your lifestyle and behaviour
  • Uses existing health and fitness testing equipment
  • Measures change in health and fitness variables over time.
  • Assists and guides personalised goal setting and exercise programming.

Our ‘Health Age Assessment’ and screening tool offers a unique ‘what if’ function that allows individuals to experiment with and observe the impact of specific changes to the risk and health factor variables (e.g. the impact of a 5kg weight reduction or increased activity patterns on an individual’s health and performance ages). These simulations can be performed in real time, providing simple and immediate feedback to assist with goal setting and exercise programming.

Your ‘Health Age Assessment’ is based on responses to a series of medical and lifestyle questions and a range of objective health and performance measures. This information is then used to calculate your personal ‘health and fitness profile’ relative to others of similar age and gender, based on a comprehensive national database of results. It utilises the national pre-exercise screening standards developed in 2011 by Exercise & Sports Science Australia, Fitness Australia and Sports Medicine Australia which govern the way pre-exercise screening is undertaken across the Australian health and fitness industry.

Health Age Assessment:    $180

Optional extra: Body composition Analysis $90  [see aim Exercise Physiology’s Body composition screen]

*Please note that most private health funds cover Exercise Physiology & Dietitian services – check with your fund for the specifics of your policy & the rebate you are entitled to. All of our clinics / exercise studios have a HICAPS machine for on the spot rebate claiming.

Doctors referrals

No Doctor’s referral is required for private patients. A Doctor’s referral is required for eligible services under Medicare’s EPC or Diabetes care plan, Dept. of Vet Affiars (DVA) or RTW-SA.