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In this day and age, it is becoming harder and harder to find the right advice when it comes to exercising for your health and well-being. With social media, celebrity endorsements and the like, it seems as though everyone is an expert in the health and fitness industry. Our Accredited Exercise Physiologist is a University-qualified allied health professional with the skills, knowledge and facilities that you require to get started on your exercise journey. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your balance or excel in a chosen sport, we can tailor an exercise program or provide advice and support to suit your individual needs and goals.

We have included the e-Book published by ESSA on ESSA-Exercise-Womens-Health-eBook for you to read. As ANITA HOBSON-POWELL says in the foreword:

“Women in Australia are undertaking a wide range of roles every day, whether they be teachers, first responders, chefs, mothers, grandmothers, office workers, tradeswomen, and many more. As a busy mum and executive officer, I know first-hand how much of a struggle it can be to put my health first. Throughout my life I’ve had my ups and downs, but I have always found that exercise helps bring out the best in me, and my family. I have learnt that it’s important to make time in our busy schedules for some form of physical activity. It’s an evidence-based treatment for both my physical and mental health, and provides the opportune moment for ‘me time’.
This eBook outlines the variety of roles exercise plays for our overall health, with contributions from a range of women who are dedicated to the world of exercise and women’s health. It also identifies the need to seek advice from the right exercise practitioners, such as Accredited Exercise Physiologists, when making the decision to implement exercise and physical activity in to our daily lives for positive lifestyle changes.
At ESSA, our membership base and National Board is currently 50% women, and it’s important for ESSA to continue encouraging women to look after their physical and mental health through the significant benefits of exercise.”
Anita Hobson-Powell is the Chief Executive Officer of Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA).

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