The Aim Exercise Physiology [EP] team offer hydrotherapy [aquatic] exercise classes at the Royal Society for the Blind pool in Gilles Plains. Classes are mixed [male + female participants].

Referral to Hydrotherapy/ aquatic exercise therapy classes can be made by our Exercise Physiologists and/ or qualified medical practitioners [GP’s or specialists]. Self-referral is possible for private patients.

All patients are required to be assessed by an exercise physiologist at an Aim Physiotherapy clinic prior to attending a pool exercise session. This will involve a health screen to ensure that hydrotherapy is an appropriate treatment modality for each individual, assist exercise prescription, allow performance of appropriate safety checks [Med. history, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate response] and implement relevant outcome measures.


Hydrotherapy may be most suitable for some individuals due to individual circumstances, or just personal enjoyment of a pool environment. As with any exercise program, we required you to address any health conditions or concerns with our exercise physiologist team before commencing. Hydrotherapy can be particularly beneficial for:-

  1.  Musculoskeletal Injuries and Pain: The buoyancy of the water reduces weight-bearing stress on the body. This is advantageous for individuals rehabilitating an injury and/ or individuals who experience pain with weight bearing activity. The comfortable water temperature helps to relax the muscles, whilst providing resistance for strength training.
  2.  Balance + falls prevention: Water turbulence creates an unstable environment, which makes the core and stabilising muscles work to maintain and improve our balance.
  3. Circulation boost: The hydrostatic pressure from the water is great for improving circulation and reducing inflammation. This is great for individuals with oedema or swelling in their extremities.
  4. Breathing: When submerged in shoulder-high water, the hydrostatic pressure of the water provides constant resistance to the chest wall. When we exhale, our chest wall compresses, and when we inhale, our chest wall expands. The water applies constant resistance during this movement, and overtime increases the strength of our inspiratory muscles. This can help with breathing even when exercising out of water.

Please avoid the pool use at any times when there may be concerns regarding wound infection, infection transmission to other people and during periods of ill-health with conditions such as diarrhoea.  Please abide by all pool rules as indicated above to promote health and safety for all participants.  If you require assistance for pool entry and exit, please notify your exercise physiologist upon arrival or at the time of initial referral for hydrotherapy/aquatic exercise.

For reasons of personal and group safety, please do not enter the swimming pool until the Exercise Physiologist or assistant therapist is in attendance.  Do not run inside the pool facility.  Do not jump into the pool.  Do not dive into the pool.  Please conduct yourself in a manner that is respectful to other pool users and to the instructor.  Please take note of pool depth indicators and enter the pool at a point where water depth is appropriate for your personal comfort and safety.  Please abide by any other pool rules indicated by signage or staff at the RSB pool facility

All clients/patients will need to wear bathers suitable for a chlorinated pool and an exercise session. A towel will also be required for showering or drying off after the pool exercise session.  Everyone entering the pool is requested to shower prior to the session for reasons of hygiene and pool sanitation.  Please take your own bottled drinking water to avoid dehydration during and after the exercise session.

Due to a limited number of available spots in our hydrotherapy classes, bookings are essential. We also ask that cancellations or reschedules are made at least one hour prior to the class commencing. Bookings and cancellations can be made by calling us on 08 83311557 and speaking to one of our friendly receptionists

Payment for exercise sessions are to be made at any of the Aim Physiotherapy clinics.  The physiotherapist will not have the necessary time, equipment and facilities to take payment immediately before or after an exercise session.

Please note that most private health insurance (PHI) funds cover Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy services – * please check with your PHI fund for specifics of your policy and the rebate you are entitled to. All of our clinics have a HICAPS machine for on the spot rebate claiming. Ask us about your eligibility for Dept. of Vet Affiars (DVA) or Medicare [EPC or Diabetes plan] funding/ rebate. NDIS packages may also apply for eligible clients/patients


The Royal Society for the Blind [RSB] pool is located at 11 Blacks Road, Gilles Plains SA 5086.

The carpark for the RSB hydrotherapy pool is located towards the right hand side at the back of the block. Once you have entered the RSB driveway [entrance off Blacks Road], turn to your right, proceed 100m then turn to your left, proceed a further 150m and the RSB hydrotherapy pool is now directly in front of you.  Car parking can be found along this back section of the driveway opposite the pool and also opposite the Hall, a little further down.