The Aim Exercise Physiology (EP) ‘NDIS Multiple Sclerosis program’ is a specialised exercise and lifestyle program with the goal of delivering optimal, cost-effective, quality care to individuals who:

  • Experience difficulties with balance/stability, falls, fatigue and/or tiredness
  • Experience visual blurring, gait variations, bladder and sensory problems
  • Experience difficulties with tremors, pain and/or depression
  • Want to improve strength and function for maintaining or increasing independence in activities of daily living.

Our NDIS Multiple Sclerosis program is run by our experienced team of EPs who develop evidence-based exercise programs to suit your needs. Depending on an individual’s ability and treatment plan, programs can be performed at home (individually or under supervision), at one of our exercise studios, or in a pool environment – see below for exercise options. Progress and outcome measures are reported to GPs as appropriate, so they are kept up to date.

Improved muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, control & balance are among the most significant benefits, and all contribute to an improved ability to complete activities of daily living. This can lead to improved independence, mobility, confidence and mood. Balance training that involves a range of sensory situations and perturbations can assist with falls risk, whilst walking for aerobic fitness and targeted strength training is an effective means of optimising gait. Longer-term effects following training include reduced pain and fatigue, and improvements in memory and brain function. Engaging in regular exercise also reduces the risk of developing other chronic conditions.

Heat sensitivity can be of concern for many individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. At Aim, we understand the need to keep our exercise environments cool. This helps to maintain a lower core body temperature even during more vigorous activity. Our hydrotherapy pool is also kept at a cool temperature, which is especially useful for individuals with heat sensitivity issues. Fatigue is another common symptom among individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. We can target your program structure and content to best suit your individual needs. We also have the capacity to modify the program depending on how you are feeling on a day-to-day basis.

Exercise program components and options:   [Note: All costs covered by approved NDIS plans / funding packages]

  1. Initial assessment, treatment plan and report [1 hour]

Your EP will assess any physical and functional limitations you are experiencing. Together we set goals, identify barriers and develop a tailored plan. Depending on your circumstances, a subsequent appointment may be required.

  1. Program development and implementation [1 hour]                                                                

Individualised and personally tailored home and exercise studio programs will be prescribed in accordance with your needs, wishes and preferences. This will involve a combination of balance, strength and cardiovascular exercise.

  1. Program review/upgrade and progress report  [1 hour]

Clinic review of progress and outcome measures, and upgrade your program with this 1:1 EP appointment. Review timeframes will vary according to individual circumstances and program requirements.

       4. Exercise options:  Not all exercise options are suitable for all individuals – speak to our EP team for clarification**.

Option 1

Home Program with Review


  • Exercise in the comfort of your own home
  • Duration, location and time are flexible to suit your needs
  • Lower cost
  • Home exercise program including pictures


  • Less support and encouragement
  • Rely on yourself for motivation

Option 2

Home Program with Supervision


  • Exercise in the comfort of your own home
  • Optimal support and progress
  • Time efficient
  • Use of our equipment


  • Less social interaction
  • Set time

Option 3

Supervised Group Exercise


  • Individualised program
  • Optimal support, safety and progress
  • Technique and performance supervision
  • Social interaction
  • Fun environment
  • Use of our equipment


  • Set times, duration and location

Option 4



  • Optimal support and progress
  • Social interaction
  • Fun and cool environment
  • Best medium for successful movement
  • Water resistance for strength training


  • Set times, duration and location


Enquiries + bookings: If our ‘NDIS Multiple Sclerosis program’ something that you would like to know more about, our team would welcome the opportunity to speak to you.  Please contact us on 08 83311557 or to confirm costs, request a quote & book an appointment.  Alternatively, visit our website and book yourself in online!

Doctors referrals

No Doctor’s referral is required for private patients. A Doctor’s referral is required for eligible services under Medicare’s EPC or Diabetes care plan, Dept. of Vet Affiars (DVA) or RTW-SA.