What does Onsite Physiotherapy involve?

An onsite or workplace-based physiotherapy service (or occupational health physiotherapy) is a proven strategic approach towards managing and preventing work-related injuries. Our workplace based physiotherapists assist in reducing WorkCover claim numbers and claims costs, reducing lost time injuries, improving employee morale and engagement, and improving productivity. We will provide you with an occupational health Physiotherapist who will attend your workplace and assess and treat your injured employees. Our team is led by Richard Fuller, a specialist occupational health physiotherapist with 20 years of experience in work health physiotherapy. All of our physiotherapists are trained in evidence-based assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all work-related musculoskeletal injuries are available to attend your workplace for one-off assessments or for on-site work for little as 3 hours per week.

The experts in musculoskeletal injuries.

Excellent clinical reasoning ability, refined assessment skills and expert knowledge of physiology, tissue healing and biomechanics enable physiotherapists to provide a broad range of services to assist workers and employers in both injury prevention and injury management. Physiotherapists have extensive knowledge and understanding of the relationship between work history, practice, and environment, as well as general lifestyle and injury and illness. This allows them to assess work capacity and identify suitable activities at work while recovering.

Benefits of onsite Physiotherapy at your workplace may include:

  • Reducing musculoskeletal injuries and claims
  • Early invention and triage of workplace injuries – first response within 24 hours
  • Immediate assessment, diagnosis and treatment of injuries
  • Reducing lost time injuries (LTI’s)
  • Reducing worker’s compensation claim and premium costs with claims open less frequently and for shorter periods
  • Improving productivity by having more staff onsite and working at full capacity
  • Improving productivity through reduced absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Reducing work time loss due to trips for treatment with offsite health providers
  • Reducing labour hire costs to induct and train new staff when others are injured
  • Reducing staff turnover costs and better staff retention through improved job satisfaction and workplace culture
  • Improving communication and relationships in the workplace
  • Increasing your control over remain-at-work and return-to-work processes and outcomes
  • Increasing your control over costs associated with workplace injuries
  • Improving employee morale and workplace culture
  • Providing injury statistics that identify trends and areas of high risk or injury occurrence
  • Opening lines of communication between all key parties to keep you informed of how your employee’s injuries are progressing
  • Helping you to successfully manage ageing workforce issues


Every industry and every business is unique in its work health and safety risks and challenges for injury management, so injury prevention and management requires a tailored approach. However, our vast experience in work health, across many industries, allows us to adapt our systems and programs for early intervention injury management and injury prevention to your business and your team. We work with you and your team to understand your business, and develop and implement a comprehensive system for managing workplace health and safety risks and injuries. Our past experience includes implementation of an early intervention injury management model.

Early intervention program

Our onsite physiotherapy service facilitates early detection of injuries and immediate intervention. We provide treatment and advice soon after the injury has developed. This helps to minimise the duration and severity of strain or sprain type injuries, which in turn can result in reduced lost time injuries, claims and costs.

We take a commercial approach

aim Physiotherapy and Work Health Solutions understands business and understands people. We take a commercial approach and what we do is transparent and measurable. If we are not having a positive impact on your bottom line, we would not expect to continue to be involved in your business.  We form effective, professional relationships of trust with you and your workforce. We work closely with you and your suppliers to ensure a comprehensive and consistent approach to the implementation of systems and processes to help you sustain a healthy productive workforce.

Changing attitudes and culture

We are active in your workplace and work as a part of your team to create change and build your workplace health and safety culture. Familiarity with work processes and work teams builds relationships and opens effective communication for problem solving and negotiated solutions to sometimes complex problems.

We are relationships driven and responsive to your needs

We understand that health and safety initiatives don’t work unless your staff are engaged. Our team will listen to your needs and priorities and work with you to find effective solutions for every problem. We help you strike the right balance for success in injury prevention and management.

We are your trusted partner

With many years of experience in complex work in environments, we are skilled in diagnosing problems, overcoming barriers and delivering consistent and comprehensive solutions to manage injuries and risk.

We don’t just treat injuries.

Our experience in healthcare and workplace injuries allows us to help you identify and mitigate health and injury risk. We prevent injuries and we help to prevent injuries becoming claims, through proactive early intervention strategies. These strategies can help resolve injuries, dissatisfaction, conflicts and other barriers to safe and productive work. Our early intervention approach helps prevent simple injuries becoming chronic pain problems and stuck cases. We do much more than just assess and treat your workplace injuries; our therapists conduct any of the following workplace health and safety services: