Office and Workstation Ergonomic Assessments and Training

woman sitting at office desk with correct ergonomic postureAim Physiotherapy and Work Health Solutions provide office and workstation ergonomic assessments and training programs that educate workers about ergonomic principles, their contribution to health, safety and well-being.

We help set-up individual workstations and work environments to minimise injury and health risks and enhance productivity and performance.


Comfortable, happy workers are more likely to perform optimally and avoid sustaining work-related injuries. Small changes in the way workstations are set up, tasks are performed and breaks are utilised, can all make a huge difference to a worker’s health, happiness and productivity.

Office and workstation Ergonomic Assessments and training conducted in your workplace can:

  • Assist workers to adopt safe work postures and safe body mechanics; significantly decreasing injury risk
  • Maximise an individual’s comfort and productivity at work
  • Identify ergonomic problems and injury risks in the workplace
  • Educate workers to manage or prevent discomfort and injury
  • Implement strategies to reduce identified work health and safety risks.


Individual workstation assessments provided by Aim Physiotherapy and Work Health Solutions include:

  1. Assessment – of postural, environment and equipment factors impacting the musculoskeletal strain and personal comfort.
  2. Adjustment – of individual workstations to achieve ideal work posture that minimises exposure to load factors for musculoskeletal strain.
  3. Advice – provided to each worker regarding appropriate workstation setup and risk management strategies to improve health and safety and prevent injury.
  4. Exercise – advice and instruction sheets provided regarding appropriate workstation exercise for minimising strain and improving comfort.
  5. Report – printed summary for each worker, outlining issues identified and recommendations for improving the ergonomic quality of their work.
  6. Record – personalised optimal workstation settings recorded and provided for each worker.
  7. Follow-up – telephone call at 4 weeks after the assessment to assess the impact of intervention and provide further advice or assistance where appropriate.

Our workstation assessment services are based on the ergonomics model and requirements set out in Australian Standard AS 3590.2 1990 – Screen-based workstations, Part 2. This includes a checklist-based analysis of Desks; Chairs & footrests; Monitors / screens; Keyboards; Using a mouse; Phones; Document holders; Lighting, glare, reflection; Radiation; Environment [physical and psychosocial]; Posture while typing / working; movement opportunities.


The effectiveness of individual workstation assessments is significantly improved by an accompanying small group training session focused on workstation ergonomics, injury prevention and work health and safety management. The training program covering general concepts relevant to computer workstations will assist your staff members to understand identified problems and accept and implement proposed solutions as recommended by the physiotherapist. Training of this type is most effective when delivered in small groups of up to 8 per session.

Office and workstation Ergonomic Assessments and Training Programs provided by Aim Physiotherapy and Work Health Solutions cover key topics for injury prevention including:

  1. Risk management for work health and safety
  2. Ergonomics
  3. Workstation setup
  4. Manual Tasks
  5. Sedentary Work

Experience and Expertise

As a specialist in Occupational Health Physiotherapy, with 25 years working as a physiotherapist, Richard Fuller has extensive experience and recognised expertise in providing Office and workstation ergonomic assessments and training programs. As an experienced workplace assessor, trainer, mentor and facilitator, Richard can implement and deliver cost-effective programs that reduce injury, health and safety risks and associated cost to businesses.


Call us to today to discuss our fees for workstation ergonomic assessments and training programs and to understand how a small investment in your workforce can benefit your business!