Not sure whether you just need a massage or a complete physiotherapy treatment? While there are significant differences between physiotherapy and remedial massage, we’re sure the therapists at our Adelaide clinics have a solution for you. We understand that there’s a host of therapies available out there, and unless you know a bit about each type of therapy, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. When you make a booking, our staff will be happy to offer advice on what sort of treatment you might need. In the meantime, it helps to learn a little about physiotherapy and remedial massage to work towards an informed decision.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy treatment helps to alleviate symptoms and restore movement, function and the resumption of usual activities, including work and sporting pursuits. At our Adelaide physio clinics we assist patients from all walks of life with a wide range of problems.

Tailored treatment plans are developed by taking into account factors like your individual preferences, lifestyle factors, treatment goals, limitations, strength, fitness, flexibility, activity tolerance, medical history and more.

Physiotherapy incorporates of a range of treatments, with massage therapy being one of many treatment methods that can be used to help achieve your goals. Some other treatments your therapist might use include hydrotherapy, gym rehabilitation, exercise therapy, performance monitoring, and more. Some hands-on treatments include joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, soft tissue massage, dry needling, stretching, trigger point therapy and more.

What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage therapy is often used as a treatment method in physiotherapy consultations, but it also acts as a standalone therapy. Remedial massage is used to treat a number of conditions. It aids relaxation and can be used to treat back pain, prepare the body for a sporting event, improve circulation, release tension in stiff and sore muscles and help repair soft tissue damage.

There are several different types of massage used in physiotherapy treatment. If your physiotherapist recommends massage therapy, it’s likely they are talking about remedial massage. This kind of massage is used to break down adhesions and fibrous knots which are caused by overuse or injury and restrict muscle movement and function. With techniques including trigger point and myofascial therapy, remedial massage is ideal to get your muscles going again. Pressure is applied to the muscle and soft tissue of the spine or limbs, and can range from gentle to very firm.

Other massage therapies – including relaxation massage, sports massage, lymphatic drainage, or trigger point therapy – draw on other techniques that might be more useful in treating your condition. Your therapist can advise you on which therapy is right for you.

To book an appointment for a remedial massage or physiotherapy in Adelaide, call the team at Aim Physiotherapy Adelaide on 08 8331 1557 and let our staff recommend an appropriate treatment for your symptoms.