Clinical Pilates Class Timetable

Our flexible Pilates programs to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, core stability, enhance the biomechanical efficiency of your movement and target acute pain (such as lower back pain).
  • All classes run for 1 hour
  • Prior to commencing group classes, clients must undergo an assessment by a Physiotherapist to complete the compulsory safety checks and to ensure that Pilates is an appropriate treatment modality for the individual concerned
  • All Clinical Pilates programs are tailored to each individuals needs, therefore up to 3 individual pilates consults will be required in order for an appropriate program to be developed and monitored
  • Bookings are essential by phoning 08 7070 8909

What’s Involved?

Our Clinical Pilates exercise programs incorporate the use of special apparatus and equipment into movement routines that target your individual conditions. We require our clients to undertake up to three one-on-one consultations before commencing group classes so that our physiotherapists can tailor a program specific to each individuals needs. This enables us to challenge you in the right ways while respecting your limitations.

All of our clinical Pilates classes are designed by physiotherapists and might include the use of specialised equipment like Balanced Body apparatus, or matwork, which uses body weight and/ small apparatus for resistance. Clinical Pilates exercise programs usually form part of an exercise physiotherapy program designed by your practitioner, and can be used to treat conditions like lower back pain, joint issues, arthritis, chronic pain, poor abdominal strength, and instability.

Pilates group classes and individual sessions (as part of exercise physiotherapy treatment) are offered at the Oakden and Toorak Gardens clinics. Bookings are essential for all of our classes. To make a booking, please contact our friendly admin staff by calling 08 8331 1557.

Physio Pricing

Initial Assessment with Physio $82.00
Standard Consultation $67.00
Group Physio Classes $25.00
10 Session Package (valid for 6 months) $200.00
10 Session Concession Package $182.00