Clinical Pilates Part 2 – What is the Difference?

At Aim Physiotherapy, we offer two kinds of Pilates Classes:clinical pilates Health and Fitness Pilates and Clinical Pilates.


What? Health and Fitness Pilates is for those who are looking for a high energy, fun exercises which leaves your bum-a-burning! These classes are for any age group and any fitness level.
Who? These classes our run by one of our fantastic Pilates instructors, all who are qualified in teaching Mat or Apparatus based Pilates.
When? These Classes are run in the morning, midday, night and even on the weekend!
Where? Eastside Studios at Toorak Gardens
Price? Price varies for these classes. We offer monthly or yearly memberships and if you keep your eye out on our website we constantly release special offers.
Size: The maximum class size is 4 people, which means your instructor can keep a close eye on you and can even help modify exercises which you not ready for….YET!
How to get there? Your gateway into Health and fitness Pilates will including a one on one consult with one of our fabulous instructors who will check your posture and core control and start teaching you some basic Pilates exercises.
Why? Health and Fitness Pilates is made to target all your muscles from your legs to your arms to your tummy and will help you get the body of your dreams! If you have a slight niggle in your shoulder or tight calves the girls will help adjust the exercises to best suit your strength. However if you are experiencing moderate to severe pain, stiffness or significant weakness try our Clinical Pilates first and we can help get you ready for Health and Fitness Pilates.


What? Clinical Pilates is used to help rehabilitate patients with pain and weakness. We can also help improve your balance, core stability, decrease your falls risk and improve your cardiovascular fitness.
Who? These classes our run by one of our talented Physiotherapists.
When? These Classes are run between 8.30-6pm Mon-Sat!
Where?  At Toorak Gardens site and Oakden Medical Centre.
Price? Price for these classes is $24.50 or $22.50 if you have a concession card. We also offer a 10 class package deal which gives you 25% off. And the best part…. you can receive a rebate through your private health fund.
Size: The maximum class size is 5 people at Oakden and 8 people at Toorak Gardens. This is the optimum number for the size of the rooms and amount of equipment.
How to get there? Your gateway into Clinical Pilates will include an initial consult with one of our physiotherapists who will help diagnose any musculoskeletal injury or identify any weaknesses. You will then need to see our excellent exercise physiologist who will do a screening assessment including heart rate, blood pressure and cardiovascular testing. Once you have reached the exercise stage your physiotherapist will work one-on-one with you to create an individualised program suited to your needs.
Why? These classes will provide you with a fun, interactive way of improving your control, strengthening your muscles and feeling great overall. All our classes involve a variety of apparatus to keep you engaged and incorporate a stretching component so you feel refreshed and ready to start or finish your day.

Have you worked out which Pilates class is for you? If you are still unsure call 83311557 and speak with one of our friendly receptionists to help you choose which class will benefit you!

Written by: Kelsey Lamont

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