aim physiotherapy


  • Hands-on Physio care
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain & headache
  • Chronic pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Clinical Pilates
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Falls prevention
  • Remedial massage
  • Wonen’s health

Recover faster and return to doing what you love. We’ll help to get you moving and prevent your problems returning. Live life better!

eastside pilates


Studio Pilates & Fitness:

  • Studio pilates / fitness
  • Expert instructors
  • Small group classes
  • Individual sessions
  • Tandem sessions
  • Tailored programs
  • Reformer classes
  • Trapeze, barrel & chair
  • On-line booking
  • On-line payment
  • Early & late sessions

Gain full control of your body and create your tomorrow! Our expert Pilates instructors will take you to the next level.

Work Health Solutions
Work Health Solutions


  • Injury prevention
  • Occupational rehabilitation
  • Health promotion
  • Why invest in WHS?
  • Occupational health specialist
  • On-site Physio
  • Return-to-work SA
  • Risk management
  • Work assessments

Sustain a healthy productive workforce and injury-proof your business. Let us show you how!

  • Pre-employment screens
  • Workplace visit / Worksite
  • Ergonomic assessment
  • Independent clinical [ICA]
  • Activities of daily living [ADL]
  • Job analysis / dictionary
  • Functional capacity [FCE]
Exercise Physiology
Exercise Physiology


  • Chronic disease management
  • Health, well-being & fitness
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Sport/ high performance
  • Work Health
  • Fitness testing
  • Weight loss program
  • Diabetes program
  • Exercise and cancer
  • Regional outreach

Restore your quality of living and optimise your performance with our expert guidance and support. We will put together an exercise solution that will work best for your body.

Aim Physiotherapy and Work Health Solutions is comprised of our physiotherapy clinics in Toorak Gardens and Oakden, our occupational health consultancy and the Eastside Pilates & Fitness Studio.



Physiotherapy Adelaide

From sports injuries to headaches, sprains and strains, many of us carry significant pain throughout our everyday lives. Resolving your issues – whether they’re big or small – involves more than treating symptoms.

At Aim Physiotherapy we will identify the cause of your problems, develop treatment programs, and invest in your education and self-management. Our physiotherapists offer expert advice, assessments, treatment and management for a wide range of patients around Adelaide.



Pilates incorporates the use of special apparatus and equipment into movement routines designed to enhance flexibility, strength, and coordination. Pilates exercises are commonly used in exercise physiotherapy programs to recondition muscles and help the body heal as quickly as possible. They are known to improve core stability, enhance biomechanical efficiency of movement, target acute pain (such as lower back pain) and increase strength, flexibility and balance. Their gentle yet challenging nature means they are suitable for almost everyone.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is an Allied Health profession where specific exercises are set to alter your internal physiology and improve your overall health and fitness. Through careful assessment, planning and programs, our friendly team will help you to better manage your chronic ailment, or work towards preventing one altogether. Working alongside our other healthcare professionals, our exercise physiology team also aims to help everyone feel their best, and keep you in that optimal condition.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage Adelaide

No matter who you are or why you need it, people from all walks of life love massage therapies. For relaxation, lower back pain treatment, or just in preparation for the big game, massage is ideal.

At Aim Physiotherapy, our fully qualified massage therapists offer a wide range massage treatments as well as gift vouchers for your loved ones. So whatever your reason or your situation, talk to our massage therapists to see how we can help.


Adelaide Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy [aquatic exercise therapy] is a form of physiotherapy treatment involving exercise in a heated pool. Aquatic exercises can help injury recovery, rehabilitation and fitness training.

The warm water supports the body, improves stability, provides resistance for strength training, promotes circulation, helps muscle relaxation and decreases pain.

Occ. Health Physiotherapy

Workplace physio services adelaide

Occupational Health Physiotherapists work collaboratively with a range of people including employers, employees, other health professionals, engineers and designers to offer a range of measures aimed at reducing health and safety risks for people at work.

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Our team will listen to your concerns and work with you to develop a tailored solution for your injury or problem


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We align treatment plans and programs with agreed goals to help successfully resolve your problem.


We Fix


We have the experience, expertise, facilities and systems to fix your problems


We Care


Our dedicated staff understand people and work tirelessly to satisfy your needs


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