Our commitment to you:

“We strive for excellence and we deliver results”
– Richard

We are passionate about movement for healthy living!

We’re qualified: Our highly qualified therapists are experts in their field.

We’re equipped: We utilise specialised, state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment.

We care: Service excellence drives satisfaction and results. We focus on empowering you as an individual and help you achieve your goals.

We listen: We listen to you to understand your problems and goals.

We know: We diagnose your problems and find evidence-based solutions.

We plan: We work with you to develop a tailored management plan.

We fix: We help relieve your pain, improve mobility & fix underlying causes.

We help you to take back control of your situation and to live life better.

Richard Fuller
  • Over 45 years combined experience
  • Personalised care and lasting results
  • Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology
  • Rehabilitation GYM Hydrotherapy
  • HICAPS on the spot health fund rebates
  • Medicare
  • BUPA and Medibank preferred provider
  • Early, late and Saturday appointments

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At Aim Physiotherapy and Work Health Solutions, we have experience and expertise in managing musculoskeletal injuries and chronic health problems. Our treatment approach includes:

  • Providing treatment with skilful manual therapy including remedial massage, spine and joint mobilisation, stretching and muscle re-education and training.
  • Providing advice regarding activity and exercise to relieve symptoms and restore function.
  • Taking the time to listen to you and understand the true nature and origin of your problems
  • Working with you to develop and implement an personalised treatment and management plan that addresses your problems
  • Locating and addressing the source of your problem
  • Finding long-term solutions for your problems, not just treating or relieving the symptoms in the short term.
  • Providing advice on how you can prevent problems returning or worsening.
  • Discussing timeframes, cost and available funding mechanisms for treatment and management plans
  • Helping you achieve your goals
  • Maintaining optimal health and well-being, with an active life.
  • Working with other health professionals to resolve complex problems through a coordinated approach.
  • Developing a management plan for chronic conditions that will maximise your function and minimise any continuing symptoms.
  • Implementing innovative and evidence-based solutions including exercise programs for core stability [spine stabilisation] utilising the Pilates method and apparatus.
  • Setting realistic, obtainable goals and targets
  • Monitoring outcomes and achieving results

Talk to us today – phone 8261 3776, Book Online, or drop into one of our clinics and speak to one of our staff about your needs.

Our practice is built on exceptional service and optimal results for our clients.

  • We are passionate about movement for healthy living.
  • We care: Service excellence drives satisfaction and results [achieving patient goals]
  • We provide high quality service and value to our clients and the community we serve.
  • We optimise mobility and independence to facilitate productive and satisfying lives.
  • We identify and fix problems and root causes – we get results
  • We implement evidence-based, best-practice approaches to healthcare.
  • We measure performance, track progress and report outcomes
  • We pride ourselves in our responsibility for achieving results or outcomes.
  • We regularly communicate with stakeholders regarding services and results.
  • We help to identify & overcome barriers to progress, including treatment adherence.
  • We celebrate our successes.
  • We help you to TAKE BACK CONTROL of your situation and to live life better

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