How to get into Hydrotherapy?

So, its hydrotherapy you’re after? Well you’ve come to the right place.

If you are looking at getting into hydrotherapy you will need to book an appointment with one of our talented physiotherapists who will help determine if this is the best decision for you.

Your physiotherapist will then help you identify any weaknesses or instability that may need addressing to help manage your musculoskeletal injury or chronic condition.

This will involve using things we call outcome measures. Outcome measures are ways physiotherapist can track and monitor your progress and see if your balance, strength or fitness is improving.

Once your outcome measures have been completed you are ready for your first hydrotherapy class! How exciting!

On your first class, you will meet the hydrotherapy physiotherapist working on that day.

They will spend 10-20 minutes with you showing you where you can get changed, where you can put your things and help you into the water. They will then get you warmed up and start teaching you some basic hydrotherapy exercises.

After your 45 minute class you can hop out and either jump into a nice hot shower or head home.

By the time of your second or third hydrotherapy class your physiotherapist will have created, printed and laminated your individual hydrotherapy program. Now this doesn’t mean they will leave you to your own devices however it does mean that when they are helping someone else you are able to start your next exercise without them.

Your next couple of classes will be about getting used to the routine and getting your body moving. After this initial phase, we will start progressing your exercises- making them harder and continuing guiding you down the path of recovery.

Call the office now on 8331 1557 to arrange an appointment to speak with one of our physiotherapists at our Oakden, Toorak Gardens or Windsor Gardens clinics and find out if hydrotherapy can help you.

We hope to see you in the pool soon! 

Written by: Kelsey Lamont B. Physiotherapy

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