Aim Exercise Physiology’s ‘Falls prevention + independent living’ program provides support and advice for people seeking professional assistance with preventing falls and maintaining independance in daily living – the key to maintaining the ability to live in your own home. A fully integrated Exercise Physiology + Physiotherapy service is provided to provide optimal results, service excellence and to foster healthy lifestyle choices. Suitable activity or exercise modifications, positive exercise experiences and implementation of personalised plans helps to ensure long term success with goal attainment and improved quality of life.

  • Obtain medical history and understanding of past and present physical activity participation.
  • Obtain functional outcome measures for falls prevention to identify strengths, weaknesses &
  • Interpret functional fitness levels (normative data) to clarify your needs for mobility & falls prevention.
  • Design and implementation of tailored studio exercise and home-based activity / exercise schedule
  • Set up physical activity monitoring.
  • Plan suitable schedule for further 1:1 consultations, group exercise classes and progress reviews.

Initial 40 minute consultation and follow up 30 minute consultation with the therapist who will:

  • Review medical history, current/past exercise and activity
  • Clinical assessment of relevant movement and functional abilities.
  • Identify requirements relating to pain or limitations that may impact exercise performance or progress
  • Work with you & the EP to implement a personalised plan to improve your mobility + independence.


After the Initial assessments, there may be a need or want for further individual sessions with either the Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist. Factors such as complex medical history, poor motivation levels, slow progress and adherence, low confidence in exercise, poor exercise technique and control, deconditioning and self-consciousness could be reasons you may feel that further one-on-one exercise sessions or private consultations are needed, until you are ready to attend group sessions.

Groups exercise sessions run by our Accredited Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists offer more exercise + equipment access at lower cost than one-on-one exercise sessions.

  • 2-7 clients per class ensures close supervision for safety, good technique and progression.
  • Each participant has an individual program tailored to specific health and wellbeing goals.
  • A relaxed exercise environment where individuals can work at their own pace

Follow-up consult includes review of outcome measures, goals, experience, progression and upgrading.


Initial Assessment:           EP visit 1:          60 minutes – $130         EP visit 2:           30 minutes – $70

Physio visit 1:                  60 minutes – $130         Physio visit 2:     30 minutes – $70

Follow-up consultation: (subsequent or review consult if required)      EP or Physio:     30 minutes – $70

Group exercise: $21/ session; Concession $19;

PHI rebates apply*; Package & Membership discounts avail.**

              ++ Medicare’s EPC plan, Diabetes care plan & Dept. of Vet Affiars (DVA) funding / rebates apply.

*Please note that most private health funds cover Exercise Physiology & Dietitian services – check with your fund for the specifics of your policy & the rebate you are entitled to. All of our clinics / exercise studios have a HICAPS machine for on the spot rebate claiming.

Doctors referrals

No Doctor’s referral is required for private patients. A Doctor’s referral is required for eligible services under Medicare’s EPC or Diabetes care plan, Dept. of Vet Affiars (DVA) or RTW-SA.