Aim Exercise Physiology’s evidence-based pulmonary or respiratory rehabilitation program is targeted at Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asthma and other common respiratory conditions such as interstitial lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis, bronchiectasis or sleep apnoea. It is also suitable for people recovering from chest infection or cancer.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is recommended best-practice for the management of chronic respiratory disease and has been shown to reduce symptoms such as shortness of breath, reduce hospital admissions and increase quality of life for active participants. A tailored exercise program targeted at respiratory problems is a great way to improve the management of your symptoms, increase your confidence with movement and exercise, maintain your independence at home and improve your overall health and fitness.

At Aim, we offer tailored, supervised exercise programs with a focus on education and support to enable you to­­ exercise safely and with confidence. We work with you to understand your goals and achieve success, at a pace that suits you and your personal circumstances. Our 12-session course of exercise is designed to improve your strength, endurance, activity tolerance, lung capacity, breathing patterns and relaxation ability, as part of the overall management of your chronic respiratory condition. The symptoms targeted in our programs include:

  • Fear of adverse event
  • Reduced activity due to low energy levels
  • Reduced fitness or physical conditioning
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Reduced independence

Programs are run by our experienced team of Exercise Physiologists (EPs) and Physiotherapists (PTs) who have developed an evidence-based exercise rehabilitation program to suit your individual needs, taking into account severity of your condition and symptoms. Performance progress and outcome measures are reported to specialists and General Practitioners (GPs) so they are kept up to date. Depending on individual needs and treatment plans, rehabilitation exercise can be performed at home, under supervision at either of our exercise studios, or a combination of both options.

Attending our exercise studio for supervised group exercise will reinforce correct technique, improve motivation & allow optimal progression of exercise.

Initial EP assessment & treatment plan (60min – Cost $130)*

Assessment of symptoms, movement & functional abilities. A tailored treatment plan is developed. Pre-exercise screen is performed & initial home exercise prescribed.

Home & studio program development (60min – Cost $130)*

Individualised home & studio exercise programs prescribed in accordance with your needs and stage of rehabilitation. This involves a combination of weight bearing, Pilates and gym equipment exercises. Depending on your personal circumstances, further appointments may be required.

 Supervised group exercise (12 x 60min – Cost $252) *

Attendance either twice per week for 6 weeks, or once weekly for 12 weeks. All classes are supervised by an EP or PT. You are monitored and guided in each class & progressions are made as you go. Review and re-assessment at 6-12 weeks.

Key features + benefits:

  1. Optimal results with access to specialised strength and conditioning equipment + progressive resistance training
  2. Optimal progress due to supervision, upgrades, support, motivation, encouragement & program coordination.
  3. Optimal safety due to close supervision of exercise technique, program upgrading and recovery.
  4. Optimal commitment, performance and adherence.
  5. Fastest progress and results.
  6. PHI, Medicare + DVA funding / rebates*

If you are unable to attend our exercise studio, home exercise can be prescribed. More frequent review is required to reinforce correct technique & assist progress.

Initial EP assessment & treatment plan (60min – Cost $130)*

Assessment of symptoms, movement & functional abilities. A tailored treatment plan is developed. Pre-exercise screen is performed. Initial exercise prescribed.

Home program development (60min – Cost $130)*

Depending on your phase of rehabilitation and needs, a tailored home program can be prescribed. You will receive a printout of your exercises with pictures and detailed descriptions to help exercise performance & technique when unsupervised. Equipment you have at home will be used where possible [e.g. weights, bikes, etc.]. Review and re-assessment at 4-8 weeks. Depending on your personal circumstances, further appointments may be required.

Key features + benefits:

  1. Optimal convenience and lowest cost.
  2. Printed program with pictures and descriptions.
  3. Supervision and upgrading at regular clinic reviews.
  4. Safety and results reliant on unsupervised technique.
  5. Performance and progress monitored at clinic review.

PHI, Medicare + DVA funding / rebates apply.*


*Please note that most private health funds cover Exercise Physiology & Dietitian services – check with your fund for the specifics of your policy & the rebate you are entitled to. All of our clinics / exercise studios have a HICAPS machine for on the spot rebate claiming.

Doctors referrals

No Doctor’s referral is required for private patients. A Doctor’s referral is required for eligible services under Medicare’s EPC or Diabetes care plan, Dept. of Vet Affiars (DVA) or RTW-SA.