Provides a treatment to the body that can be gentle or strong, deep or shallow. When the muscles and tendons become impaired, knotted, tense or damaged, remedial massage is a whole body holistic approach to trace the discomfort as close to the original cause as possible, healing both the cause as well as the symptoms caused by the disorder.

Conditions which can benefit from remedial massage include;

• Neck pain

• Back pain

• Tension headaches

• Frozen shoulder

• Arthritis

• Sciatica

• Tennis elbow / golfers elbow

• Stress

• Muscular spasms

• DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

Remedial massage has a positive impact on various systems of your body. These are as followed;

Circulatory and lymphatic systems. Encourages blood flow to the tissue being treated by stimulating the circulatory system. The lymphatic system works closely to the circulatory system, the massage promotes the reduction of pain and swelling by improving the lymphatic flow.

Muscular.Has a direct impact on the muscular system by stretching, relaxing and releasing overused and tight muscle. Reducing muscular cramping and spasms, as well as assisting in regeneration of muscle tissue.

Joints.Working on the muscles surrounding the joint, remedial massage can increase the joints range of motion and assist in increasing the joints strength and stabilisation.

Endocrine/hormonal. Remedial massage has been proven to promote the decrease in cortisol, which is produced when we are stressed and in pain. Massage increases serotonin and dopamine, which improves your mood, relaxation assisting in relieving pain. The follow-on effect from treatment maybe reduced anxiety while increasing sleep, enhancing concentration and energy.

Frequency. For a new injury or condition can often be resolved within a few treatments. However, a chronic and long standing condition may require a series of treatments to return the area to its normal function. Usually includes a number of weekly treatments and will gradually space out until maintenance stage is maintained.