As your body changes during this time it is important to prepare the body and aid in the changes that it is going through, instead of trying to fight it. Pregnancy is one of the most exciting but scary times in everyone’s life. It is also one of the most taxing times on the body and we can help you be at optimal health during this wonderful time.

The massage therapist will use a combination of techniques to address the changes the expecting mother is going through during the pregnancy.

In the early stages, your therapist will work on helping to relax and loosen the muscles related to the stress and niggling injuries the mother may have so that they are not a concern later in the pregnancy. Second stage is more focused on the lower body region – hips and legs as well as the upper body areas. During the third trimester the treatment becomes more of flowing treatment for the whole body, focusing on moving problematic fluid and lower body release in preparation for the birth.

A pregnancy massage is just as important to the expecting mother as it is for the child!

Conditions that benefit from a pregnancy massage include:

• Stress and anxiety

• Sore back and hips

• Headaches accompanied with pregnancy

• Restless legs

• Sleep deprivation and tiredness

• Pubic symphysis

Frequency -while everyone goes through the changes at different stages of the pregnancy and lifestyle, regular massage works best on a monthly cycle. It will depend on the ‘growth cycle’ of the baby, in which the body goes through with the enormous changes.