Trigger point is a form of remedial massage is which direct pressure is applied to the specific point within the tender muscle tissue to bring about the reduction of the muscle tension and pain relief.

Each muscle that has become overused, inflamed, traumatised etc all have potential trigger points. The triggers can cause pain over the muscle affect or refer pain which can be felt in another area of the body. Some triggers can only be felt when the muscle is directly palpated by the therapist.

Muscles with active trigger points are usually always weaker than normal muscles and are unable to move through their full range of motion. This is due to often being unable to perform to their normal function – other muscles are therefore recruited to perform the action of the compromised muscle. Secondary muscles can develop trigger points as well if the original muscle goes untreated.

Trigger point therapy is an effective treatment for pain. The main reason behind its success appears to be relates to chronic pain patterns. Chronic pain is established within a few months of an injury. Once established these patterns are difficult to reverse by other treatment techniques. Trigger Point is often very useful in breaking the holding patterns and this pain cycle.

Trigger point therapy is very useful in the relief of the following conditions:

• Back pain

• Neck pain

• Shoulder pain

• Knee pain

• Sciatica

• Headaches

• Muscle pain

• Joint pain