Why is my Physio telling me I need Pilates?

A lot of clients ask us why we are taking them through Pilates exercises.  There is strong evidence that supports the benefits of stretching, exercise AND Pilates. Stretching and exercise are great ways to help lengthen tight, short muscles and strengthen weaker muscles which can cause you pain. All of the exercises we give you will be specific to your weakness and tightness.

Here at Aim, we strongly believe in the benefits of Pilates. Our group exercises classes use Pilates equipment and Pilates concepts to help strengthen your body and get you moving better.  We see many people who walk or bike ride or do yoga or go to the gym and these are all great ways to get your body moving but Pilates is all about movement integration- meaning we use our whole body, not just legs or arms or biceps or abs but whole body movement.

The Pilates exercise we teach you will be used to increase your strength, increase your range of movement or increase your muscle length. Our patients report significant relief from their Pilates exercises and some even tell us they had fun! When setting up your Pilates program your physiotherapist will explain why you are doing each exercise, which muscle you are using and then make sure you are doing it correctly. As we can see in the video Andy was doing a variation of balance work, proprioception and lower leg strengthen which evidence tells us is the most efficient way of fixing Achilles problems.

If you are even unsure why you are doing a certain exercise or stretch or why Pilates is beneficial for you ask your physiotherapist. They are more than happy to tell you why they are asking you to stretch your calf or why you are trying to be a ‘bird on a wire’.

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