Finding a good physiotherapist can be a bit like going on a blind date. You never know what you’re going to get until you arrive, or how well suited the therapist will be to your situation. But there are a few questions you can ask to make sure you’re going to get specialised treatment that’s right for you.

Female physiotherapist waiting for a client

Ask to See a Therapist who Specialises in Your Condition/Injury

Different physios specialise in different areas of the body, different injuries and fields of study. Although physiotherapists receive rounded training and can treat a huge number of common maladies, it doesn’t hurt to ask at reception if there’s someone who specialises in your particular injury or condition. This just means they’ll have that extra edge (and all-important interest) when forming a treatment plan.

Ask Which Treatments they Might Use

Physiotherapists are trained to use a variety of treatment methods, from musculoskeletal manipulation, to clinical Pilates, dry needling to massage and simple education. Generally speaking, it’s always best to leave the decisions around treatment to the professionals. But it can be useful to enquire about a physiotherapist’s treatment methods in some cases. If, for example, you’d like massage included as part of your treatment, you might ask for someone who specialises in this area. Similarly, if you wish to move on to harder exercise after your initial exercise therapy, you can ask for a therapist who doubles as personal trainers – just ask at reception on booking.

Look for Qualifications

Physiotherapy is important to get right. To make sure you’re getting quality, specialised treatment, check the clinic’s website to learn about the physiotherapy team and their qualifications and specialisations.

Check the Location

Check the clinic locations – some practices have multiple clinic locations with different locations offering different services. At Aim Physiotherapy in Adelaide, we have three locations across the city. We offer Pilates, exercise physiology consultations, remedial massage and physiotherapy in Toorak Gardens, Windsor Gardens and Oakden. Try to choose a clinic that is convenient for you to get to in case you end up getting delayed or need to see a physio urgently.

Our Toorak Gardens clinic is a popular choice for clients needing physiotherapy in Burnside and beyond as it often falls between the CBD and home and is open late on most work days. This is a full service clinic including Pilates exercise classes.

Our physiotherapy clinic in Oakden Medical Centre is convenient for patients with referrals or receiving medical treatment in combination with physiotherapy in Adelaide. It’s open Monday through Friday with after-hours appointments available. This is a full service clinic and home to our matwork Pilates classes.

Our Windsor Gardens clinic is conveniently located close to North East Road (A10) in the Windsor Village Shopping Centre. This clinic is open late five days a week to cater for busy schedules.

To book an appointment for physiotherapy at any of our Adelaide clinics, contact the team at Aim Physiotherapy Adelaide by calling 08 8331 1557 today.