What is the right exercise for YOU?

The word EXERCISE has many different connotations attached to it, and these connotations can vary significantly from person to person. Some people see the word EXERCISE and immediately have negative feelings as they recall the time they were coaxed along by a friend to a “Bootcamp” class one morning and were left so sore that they couldn’t get out of bed for the rest of the week. Others see the word EXERCISE and are reminded of the fun they had growing up playing sport, and the friends they made for life.

The fantastic (but also slightly intimidating) thing about exercise  is  its extremely diverse.  There are so many different types, durations and intensities of exercise out there.

People fall into the trap of thinking that they need to be doing a certain type of exercise to get certain results, or jumping on the latest craze or trend because everyone else is. This does not need to be the case at all, the most important thing to remember is:

The best exercise for you is the one you enjoy doing!

Healthy lifestyles are all about getting yourself into a routine and incorporating exercise into your daily life. This is going to be made a whole lot easier if you are enjoying the exercise that you do, no one wants to get out of the bed in the morning to go and do something that they don’t enjoy. And even if they are able to do that for a few days or a few weeks, it is extremely unlikely that it will become a regular and sustainable habit.

So if you’re the kind of person that enjoys the hard work, sweat and exhaustion of a “Bootcamp” workout, then do that! If you’re the kind of person who would prefer to go for a long walk by yourself, then do that! If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a bike ride with friends on the weekend, then… you guessed it, do that!

It may not even be the type of exercise that you can choose between, a walk can be of varying intensities depending on the terrain and speed you are walking at. Similarly, a workout at the gym can be completely different if you’re on your own, with a friend or part of a group class.

Sometimes the hardest part is trying to figure out which exercise is going to suit you, and finding out how to start. Luckily, an Exercise Physiologist can make this process a whole lot easier, so why not come in and have a chat with our Exercise Physiologist at Aim Physiotherapy and get your exercise journey started today!

Written by:

Tim Manning Accredited Exercise Physilogist

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